The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Immigrants. Be REALLY Afraid Of Immigrants.

The Huffington Post recently ran a story explaining how the grotesquely racist French novel “The Camp of the Saints” is the basis for the worldview of Stephen Bannon, President Donald Trump’s chief strategist.  Just a mere summary of the book is nauseating:

The plot of The Camp of the Saints follows a poor Indian demagogue, named “the turd-eater” because he literally eats shit, and the deformed, apparently psychic child who sits on his shoulders. Together, they lead an “armada” of 800,000 impoverished Indians sailing to France. Dithering European politicians, bureaucrats and religious leaders, including a liberal pope from Latin America, debate whether to let the ships land and accept the Indians or to do the right thing — in the book’s vision — by recognizing the threat the migrants pose and killing them all.

The non-white people of Earth, meanwhile, wait silently for the Indians to reach shore. The landing will be the signal for them to rise up everywhere and overthrow white Western society.

The French government eventually gives the order to repel the armada by force, but by then the military has lost the will to fight. Troops battle among themselves as the Indians stream on shore, trampling to death the left-wing radicals who came to welcome them. Poor black and brown people literally overrun Western civilization. Chinese people pour into Russia; the queen of England is forced to marry her son to a Pakistani woman; the mayor of New York must house an African-American family at Gracie Mansion. Raspail’s rogue heroes, the defenders of white Christian supremacy, attempt to defend their civilization with guns blazing but are killed in the process….

The white Christian world is on the brink of destruction, the novel suggests, because these black and brown people are more fertile and more numerous, while the West has lost that necessary belief in its own cultural and racial superiority.

Today, Trump plans to trot out the latest version of his Muslim Ban.  His last one was unceremoniously and unanimously smacked down by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  Trump has tried–and failed–to justify this ban on national security grounds.  That is, these are bad people that we need to keep out of the country for our own safety, and the Team Trump has allegedly delayed the rollout of the new ban to make sure it properly addresses this threat.

As reported by the Washington Post this morning, however, and as anyone with half a brain knows, this supposed justification is bullshit:


Here’s the real reason for the delay: The Trump administration can’t solve the problem that has always bedeviled this policy, which is that there isn’t any credible national security rationale for it. Unlike on the campaign trail, when you’re governing, you actually have to have justification for what you’re proposing, or you often run into trouble….

…the evidence is mounting that Bannon and Miller view the ban as part of a much broader, long-term demographic-reshaping project. Miller let slip in a recent interview that the ban isn’t just about national security, but also about protecting U.S. workers from foreign competition. And the Los Angeles Times reports that Bannon and Miller have privately argued that the ban is in keeping with the need to combat immigration by people who “will not assimilate”:

Inside the West Wing, the two men have pushed an ominous view of refugee and immigration flows, telling other policymakers that if large numbers of Muslims are allowed to enter the U.S., parts of American cities will begin to replicate marginalized immigrant neighborhoods in France, Germany and Belgium that have been home to plotters of terrorist attacks in recent years, according to a White House aide familiar with the discussions.

Thus, the ban is of a piece with the long-term goals of protecting American workers from economic competition and preventing European-style immigrant communities (which incubate terror plotters) from developing here.

Does any of that sound familiar?

Yup, there you have it.  Trump’s foreign and domestic policy–such as it is–is being set by a conspiracy-peddling white nationalist, based on a notorious forty-year old racist French book of fiction.  That’s how you Make America Great Again, apparently.  If by “great,” you mean “white.”

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